TikTokers are pranking their boyfriends by sending them into stores for feminine products that don’t exist

TikTok feminine product
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  • TikTokers are sending their boyfriends and husbands into stores to ask for feminine products that don’t exist. 

  • They film the aftermath of the prank, where confused men walk out of the store empty handed. 

  • “I asked the lady, ‘Do you guys sell the Oochie Cooch 3000?'” says one boyfriend when he returns to the car where his girlfriend is waiting. “She looked at me like I was stupid.”

  • Another boyfriend was sent in to look for a product called “Squeaky Clean-a Vageen-a.”

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Poor unsuspecting boyfriends and husbands are falling victim to a prank by their TikToking partners, who are sending them into stores to search for feminine products that don’t actually exist.

In one video, which has over 6 million likes, Kyle Winston, who owns a TikTok account with his partner Jade Winston, comes out of a shop looking flustered and shaking his head.

“I asked the lady, ‘Do you guys sell the Oochie Cooch 3,000?'” he says to Jade, who was waiting for him in the car. “First off, she looked at me like I was stupid, then she said, ‘Hold on let me check.'”

He says the store assistant then grabbed the tannoy and asked, “Guys, does anybody know if we sell the Oochie Cooch 3,000?”

“Why everybody burst out laughing?” Kyle says, who is finally cottoning onto the prank. “I hate you Jade”

In another TikTok with one million likes, Aileen Christine sends in her boyfriend Deven Rasie to look for the “Squeaky Clean-a Vageen-a.”

He throws his arms out while walking back to her in the car, bemused about what’s just happened.

“Squeaky Clean-a Vageen-a?” he says. “I knew that wasn’t a thing.”

Christine asks him what happened, to which he explains he asked at the counter for the product.

“She’s like, ‘Oh, what does it do?’ And I’m like, ‘I assume it keeps your vageen-a clean-a,” he says. “And then she’s like, ‘Does your girlfriend have TikTok by any chance?'”

Aileen says she can’t believe he actually asked someone in the store, to which Rasie says “I’m never trusting you again.”

“Am I an idiot?” asks the husband of TikToker Tara Thorpe in a video on their shared page that has half a million likes. “You sent me in there to get the Magic Fwem Fwem Fresh 2,000, they looked at me like I was a crack head.”

Tara starts laughing in the background, while her partner, Adrian Thorpe, looks at her with exasperation.

“The cashier was like, ‘Sorry, what? Yo Tanisha, come and listen to what this idiot is saying,” he continued. “I was thinking, first of all, I’m not an idiot.”

He says the shop assistant asked for the product over the tannoy, and everyone started laughing.

Tara asks him if he managed to get it.

“Shut up man,” he says.

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