‘Look at him thrash!’ Watch an alligator get ejected from this Florida neighborhood

An alligator “hanging around” a Bonita Springs neighborhood isn’t going to be visiting again anytime soon.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office posted a video to Facebook of what went down last Friday evening.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Nestor Montoya tells viewers that deputies responded to the scene along with a trapper from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

As the crew tries to wrangle the gator, it goes into what is known as a “death roll,” a spinning move to subdue prey.

A child shrieks off camera.

“Look at him thrash!” Montoya says of the reptile that has the snare around its neck and its jaws open, looking hungry.

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The scaly beast was measured at 7 feet, 1 inch long.

“Pretty big, pretty big guy,” says the agency official.

As the reptile gets loaded onto the truck, applause breaks out.

“We’ve got a neighborhood happy to see this nuisance gator gone,” Montoya says. “A job well done.”

To have a nuisance gator relocated, call the FWC hotline at 866-392-4286.

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