Lighting of Menorah takes place in Washington

The National Menorah Lighting was held on The Ellipse at the National Mall in Washington albeit the COVID-19 pandemic. (Dec. 10)

Video Transcript

LEVI SHEMTOV: We have to find a way to unite behind one stronger nation, one greater America, one powerful world, which is filled with goodness and kindness, that will make the conflicts dispelled.

DAVID BERNHARDT: Today, we celebrate the 42nd lighting of the National Menorah– a symbol of faith, hope, and light. But while we celebrate, we should also recognize that these difficult– these are difficult times for many families. And in the final days of the year, some may feel disheartened or even discouraged. But I can think of at least one reason to be hopeful– that we gather here in the capital of our nation as citizens of the greatest country in the world and heirs to the blessings of freedom and liberty. And what more wonderful and beautiful symbol of hope and religious freedom is there than this? The National Christmas Tree, the National Menorah, and the White House, all residing in harmony on the same small parcel of land.

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