‘It’s not the American way’

Kamala Harris on Good Morning America (YouTube/Good Morning America)
Kamala Harris on Good Morning America (YouTube/Good Morning America)

Kamala Harris has criticised a Wall Street Journal editorial that claimed Dr Jill Biden should stop using the title of “doctor”.

The vice president-elect was asked about the op-ed in an interview with Good Morning America, which aired on Wednesday.

The piece, which has been widely criticised as sexist and patronizing, refers to Dr Biden as “kiddo” and argues that the future first lady should not use the title because she’s not a medical doctor.

Dr Biden has a PhD (a doctorate degree) in education from the University of Delaware. It is customary for people who have doctorate degrees to refer to themselves as “doctor”. Medical doctors, by opposition, use the letters “MD”.

Asked by GMA anchor Robin Roberts how she reacted to the editorial, Harris said: “I was deeply disappointed that in 2020, that kind of approach would be given any legitimacy.”

Harris said Dr Biden “worked hard” and continued her education while raising a family.

“She got degrees, she earned everything she has,” Harris added. “That’s the American way. That’s the American spirit. So when there’s anyone who tries to diminish the significance of people who work hard, I think it’s just not the American way, frankly.”

Dr Biden is an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale. She plans to continue teaching when she becomes first lady in January.

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