Georgia secretary of state slams Perdue and Loeffler for demanding voter data they already have

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger would like Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to re-evaluate their priorities.

On Monday, the two senators facing re-election runoffs in January tried once again to discourage confidence in the upcoming election, demanding an updated list of registered voters before early voting began. But as Raffensperger, a Republican, pointed out in a Tuesday press release, Loeffler and Perdue already had the information they were looking for.

“Though I’ve told the Republican Party to stop focusing on me and instead direct their energies to winning the Senate runoffs, clearly they haven’t listened,” Raffensperger said in the release. He went on to call it “embarrassing” that Perdue and Loeffler not only don’t know the information they want is publicly available, but also that it’s in the hands of their campaigns as well. A National Republican Senatorial Committee representative confirmed the campaigns have the lists.

Raffensperger has refused to play into President Trump and other Republicans’ false claims of widespread voter fraud and election manipulation amid the 2020 election, instead affirming President-elect Joe Biden’s win there and receiving threats for doing so.

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