George Conway writes op-ed calling Trump’s effort to overturn the election the true ‘big fraud’ of 2020

George Conway
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  • Conservative attorney George Conway in a new op-ed ripped into President Donald Trump and his Republican allies over their efforts to invalidate millions of votes and overturn the election.

  • “History will record that the scam didn’t succeed,” Conway wrote, describing the latest suit out of Texas as an “embarrassment to the legal profession.”

  • Trump and his GOP allies have won zero out of the at least 38 election-related lawsuits they’ve filed.

  • The president has repeatedly pushed the baseless assertion that President-elect Joe Biden won due to mass voter fraud.

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George Conway in a new Washington Post op-ed excoriated efforts by President Donald Trump and his Republican allies to overturn the 2020 election. 

Conway, a conservative lawyer and husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, described the overwhelmingly failed legal battle to challenge the election results as “the biggest farce of all.”

“The big fraud of 2020 didn’t take place in any voting booth, drop box or tabulation center. It happened after the election, at the presidential lectern, at news conferences and in legal briefs orchestrated to support the fiction that Donald Trump won,” Conway wrote, adding, “History will record that the scam didn’t succeed.”

Trump has baselessly claimed the election was “rigged” against him and that President-elect Joe Biden won due to mass voter fraud. No evidence has emerged to support Trump’s assertions.

The president and his GOP allies have won zero out of the at least 38 election-related lawsuits they’ve filed. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt by Trump allies to overturn the results in Pennsylvania. 

Meanwhile, all 50 states and Washington, DC, have certified their election results and the federal “safe harbor” deadline to do so has passed – cementing Biden’s victory. The Electoral College is set to make Biden’s win final when it votes on December 14. 

“Trump and his litigation boosters have lost every which way, and everywhere. In state courts and federal courts. In trial courts and appellate courts, intermediate and supreme. Before Democratic judges and Republican ones. In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada – every state that could possibly matter. On substantive grounds and procedural ones, on the facts, and on the law,” Conway wrote. 

“It’s hard to imagine that any alliance of litigants and lawyers has ever lost more cases for more reasons – and in less time – than this sorry bunch has,” he added. “Their problem is they have nothing to sue about, and never did.”

But Republicans across the country continue to challenge the results in concert with Trump. Ken Paxton, Texas’ pro-Trump attorney general, on Tuesday filed a longshot lawsuit in the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Trump and 17 other Republican attorneys general are supporting the suit, which is essentially an effort to invalidate millions of votes. 

Legal experts say the suit is likely to fail and doubt the nation’s highest court will take up the case. Conway shares this view, describing the Texas suit as “a recycling of failed claims” and an “embarrassment to the legal profession.”

“There’s no reason to believe the Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction to hear cases between states, will entertain this one,” Conway said. “For public officials such as Paxton and his fellow Republican attorneys general to call for the wholesale disenfranchisement of the people of four states is an affront to the rule of law, an insult to an independent judiciary and a contempt of democracy.”

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