DeSantis defends police search at Rebekah Jones’s home: ‘It’s not a raid’

While speaking to reporters on Friday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lashed out at a reporter and defended the police who carried out a search warrant at the home of former Florida Health Department employee Rebekah Jones.

Video Transcript

Were you aware that the Rebekah Jones raid was about to happen?

RON DESANTIS: I knew there was an investigation. I didn’t know what they were gonna– it’s not a raid. I mean, with all due respect, what you just said is editorializing. They ser– excuse me, excuse me. No, excuse me. I’m not gonna let you get away with it.

These people did their jobs. They’ve been smeared as the Gestapo for doing their jobs. They did a search warrant. Why did they do a search warrant on the house? Because her IP address was linked to the felony. What were they supposed to do? Just ignore it. Of course not. They went. They followed protocol.

We actually have video from the Tallahassee PD showing that they were very respectful. She was not cooperative. It was not a raid. They were serving valid process in accordance with the laws and Constitution of the United States and the state of Florida. They did it with integrity. They did it with honor. And to say it’s a raid is disinformation. And you guys need to dro–

Question then, sir. That’s why–

RON DESANTIS: –excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

–I have very limited time.

RON DESANTIS: Excuse me. You guys need to look at facts and stop trying to feed narratives. I understand why you do it. But it’s not supported by facts.

I don’t do that, sir.

RON DESANTIS: And so you should better than that.

I don’t do that, sir.

RON DESANTIS: All right. Thanks, everybody.


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