A Broward man threw his infant girl out a window after he attacked his mother, cops say

Life support is keeping an infant girl alive in Broward Health Medical Center’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, possibly with a brain bleed, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said. The baby’s mother doesn’t know this. She’s in the ICU unit, trying to survive stab wounds to her throat, face and liver.

The injuries were inflicted Saturday morning by Pierre Francois, BSO said investigators were told by witnesses, one of whom is Francois’ mother.

Francois, 29, is now in Broward Main Jail on three counts of attempted felony murder and one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon-domestic violence. His bond is $550,000.

An arrest report said Francois’ mother spoke to sheriff’s investigators from the Broward Health’s emergency room. Investigators noted her “large lacerations on both forearms” that she said came from defending herself while Francois came at her, swinging a 2-by-4 while he screamed at her to stop hurting his mother.

Francois didn’t process that the person he was attacking was his mother, she said. His schizophrenia has been diagnosed, his mother told BSO, but he hasn’t been taking his medication.

Baby in the yard, a grandmother at the door

The arrest report says when BSO got to the 2700 block of Northwest 12th Lane, they found the baby girl face down in the front yard area of a nearby house. Francois came out of the house and took off. He’d be taken into custody nearby while deputies found his girlfriend in the house with cuts to her throat and face.

Knocking at the door woke up the neighbor who called 911, the report said. The neighbor told BSO she found Francois’ mother, bleeding from cuts. Francois’ mother told the neighbor her son was having a schizophrenic episode. The neighbor also saw Francois throw the baby out of a front window in the small house, run from deputies, and the girlfriend get brought out of the house.

Later, at the hospital, Francois’ mother told BSO she was asleep when he burst into her bedroom and started punching walls. She begged him to stop before he hurt himself. He did, but started punching her, she said, screaming at her to stop hurting his mother. Through the violence and noise, she tried to tell Francois she is his mother.

She said she eventually fell down, and kept slipping in her own blood as she tried to rise. Meanwhile, she said, Francois went after his girlfriend as she held their child. She said she heard, rather than saw, Francois’ hitting his girlfriend.

And, as Francois’ mother ran to the neighbors, she said she heard her granddaughter screaming.

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